In this section you will (hopefully) find answers to your design questions. You are supposed to have a good knowledge of web design, but you might have already guessed that ;).

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Photoshop T I P S M A N I A. What was a small article is now a collection of more than 40 cool and hot tips that are a must for any Photoshop user.

Style Guide. A substantially long style guide, exclusively published at webIGN. Different from other style guides in a way, because it tries to explain the conventions, not to state them. Topics include: JPG vs GIF, GIF Compression, JPG Compression, web-safe colors, use of images, use of tags, use of jargon, etc.

Getting rid of dithering. This article shows how you can easily get rid of dithering using Adobe PhotoShop. Also you will get to know more about safe palette, web cube, etc. There are links at the end of the article for further reading.

PhotoShop Effects: Interlacing. A walk-through for a relatively novel effect of interlacing, i.e. creating images that look like they were captured from a video stream.

NEW!PhotoShop Effects: Grunge to Grunge. A new addition to the effects series (that we plan to extend in the future). This walk-through will show you how to create a "rough-edge" text that is so popular with today designers.

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